Town Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse will be the focal joining point for social, group or private get-togethers. It will incorporate social lobbies, an unendingness pool, and other recreational and play territories - all of which will be planned towards grasping the perspectives of the gorge, Mt.Makiling and Tagaytay's edges.

Multi-Utility Court :

The multi-reason court will be secured structure worked along the characteristic forms of the land, lodging a ball and volleyball court.


An open social affair put ready to situate 150 individuals will be incorporated with the land's normal bends. It will offer the ideal reason for outdoors capacities and congregations.

Awesome Lawn:

A sprawling 2-hectare garden will be produced with negligible land aggravation, and with motivating perspectives of the gorge to urge inhabitants to grasp the outside.

Outside Exercise Trails:

Exercise trail traversing one kilometer will be set inside the green ranges empowering open air wellness.

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